Saturday, November 29, 2008


Grace and Arnold opened a museum in Ruidoso, New Mexico!!! Check out all that The Ruidoso River Museum has to offer here. ALL the hard work and effort it took to build this creation is probably one of the main reasons Mr. Duke and Grace are always so busy.

I am so proud of these two!!! This is an incredible accomplishment for two incredible people :)

Hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving, Congratulations to Grace and Arnold Duke and HAIL TO THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Memories Don't Live Like People Do...

A year ago, almost to the EXACT hour that I am posting this blog...The Washington Redskins safety, Sean Taylor, was shot by intruders in his Miami home. He lost his life the following day.

Washington, DC went into shock. Fans rolled up to Redskins Park and our home stadium, FED EX FIELD. They were holding candles...they were crying...they sat outside ALL NIGHT LONG, praying for a football player they had grown to love.

This post is a TRIBUTE to #21...may you be resting peacefully with the angels above...may you know that your presence is missed and that not a day, month or year will go by when you are not remembered.

Memories do not live like people do...but it is us, the living, that the deceased live through.

To read a great article on Sean Taylor and the way his team is feeling a year after his death click here.
To donate to a memorial fund to benefit Taylor's young daughter that he left behind, click here.
April 1, 1983 - November 27, 2007

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So Others Might Eat...

I am SUPER appreciative that my family has always enforced the importance of giving back to my community and to those who have less than myself, even if I don't have a lot.

My daddy taught me at an early age that it was better to do a million favors for someone (and get nothing in return), than it was to be the one asking for favors. Through serving the homeless people (of our nations capital) I was taught by my mother, that a little bit of help can bring BIG smiles to typically sad faces.

I was taught by my Grandparents to never be greedy and to always put something aside for those that live differently than myself. They taught me the importance of GIVING. And I was taught by my ever-loving Bubbie to always be kind because you just never know what people are dealing with and you get NOTHING out of being grouchy. I am hoping to pass all these values on to my son and any future children I may have. I feel it is essential to start EARLY and lead by example. Don't talk about it and send checks- just get out there and DO IT.

With no further said, Dominick and I will be participating in our second fund raising 5K race this year. Yup, I said it- my 5 year old runs (walks) 3.25 mile races with me to benefit those less fortunate or to fight diseases that have touched our lives.

Since it is Thanksgiving, I will be emphasizing to Dominick how thankful we are for having a HOME and FAMILY to eat with and celebrate with...and for THAT reason we are running (Dominick = walking) in the 7th annual S.O.M.E. Turkey Trot!!!!

S.O.M.E. stands for "So Others Might Eat" and this non-profit organization has been serving the homeless community of Washington, DC for years. They provide food, clothing, healthcare, and plenty other services. The TURKEY TROT is a race to raise money to feed the homeless a GOOD Thanksgiving dinner in a warm shelter. Have you ever stopped to think about those that have no place to go on Thanksgiving day?

If you have it in your heart to help the homeless...trot off a few calories with Dominick and I on Thanksgiving Day before you stuff your face with oodles of calories later at your hearty feast. Or if attending an 8:30 am race does not appeal to you, you could always make a small donation and sponser Dominick and I in our RACE to stop hunger! 100% of the proceeds go directly to the organization :)

To read more about this TURKEY TROT, click here.

To donate and support us, hit THIS puppy!



Friday, November 21, 2008

By the "Grace" of GOOD people...

So, I owe my search and reunion process to LOTS of very special people. I am not sure how to express gratitude to all those who have helped me throughout this grueling but beautiful procedure.

I suppose first thanks goes to my mom and dad. Thanks for supporting me in my determined search for self. Although it took a few years to squeeze my adoption papers outta you two, I am so appreciative you passed them over. Thanks for helping me with my trip, thanks for helping to care for Dominick while we are away...thanks for being my mom and dad. I love you guys and will forever be your little girl.

Second, I owe a HUGE thanks to my Chilean friends that assisted in HUNTING down my biological mama! THANK YOU Gabriella and Natalia. I don't think any of this would have been possible without either of you. I won't ever be sure what made you respond to a strangers request for help BUT I am deeply gracious for that compelling force.

Third, to GRACE & ARNOLD. By the "Grace" of Arnold- I am returning home. I really don't think words explain a story like this. I really don't think words explain HUMANS like these two. I'll give it a shot...

Grace works with me on occaision and after getting to know me, we began discussing more personal issues with one another when my adoption story came to topic. Grace was touched and interested. She is genuine and asked questions...she seemed to really care. She went home and shared the information with her heroic husband, Arnold.

Mr. Arnold, without hesitation said he was sending me home to Chile....his wife reported the news to me at work one day. "WHAT?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? WHY ME?!"...I cried as Grace told me of her husbands offer. We both cried. We embraced. My body was quivering, overwhelmed with emotion.

Mr. Duke doesn't respond to my emails. I spoke to him to thank him, to which he simply replied- "giving is better than receiving, I can't wait to see pictures" people like you really exist, Mr. Duke? Yes...they do. And YOU are living proof.
Mr. Duke is energetic! You can see it in his pictures...his spirit SHINES BRIGHT through a photographic lense. I can only imagine the energy he gives off in person. I can't wait to come back from my trip and meet Arnold. I can't wait to share ALL my pictures and stories with him.

Grace is just as beautiful inside as she is on her outter shell. She is laid back, always smiling, and a natural nurturer. She is a hard working, devoted mother. She is strong but sensitive. She is pretty, energetic and AWESOME. She is a good listener, a sweet, sweeeet soul. Grace is graceful and GREAT.

Grace and Arnold are pictured below :)

And here is Grace...under a rainbow :)

And finally, I owe a HUGE thanks to everyone that has been supporting me and everyone who continuously supports me in every aspect of my life. My old friends, my new friends, my family, my in-laws....EVERYONE. You all know who you are :)



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Returning to the SARRIA'S....

UNO MES!!! aka...ONE MORE MONTH!!!!!

In only one month I return HOME to Chile. I cannot wait! My excitement level is HIGHLY elevated. I am so excited to return to the SARRIA family that I left sooooo long ago. TOO long ago. This adventure is well over due.

My parents have taken me all over the world. I have been so fortunate to travel to incredible places during my young life thus far BUT I honestly have always wondered why they never took me back to Chile? Just to SEE it...the same way they felt it was so important for me to SEE Israel, I feel like I always wanted them to take me to SEE Chile. It is part of my history too and I love Chile just like I love Israel.

My return home to LA FAMILIA SARRIA is thanks to two very special friends of mine. I will devote an ENTIRE post to them but I couldn't mention going home without saying a SPECIAL THANKS to Mr. Duke and Grace :)

When I walk off the plane...only one month from now- I will be greeted by my whole family! What a scene it will be! And you can be assurred I will post pictures as soon as I get my computer set up in my hotel :)

My family history is strange in Chile. Although everyone will be gathering for my arrival- they don't all have the best relationships with one another. My mom does not have any relationship with my oldest sister. My Aunt took my older sister in years ago when my mom and sister had their "falling out." My Aunt sided with my sister in the drama and she too, became quite distant from my mother.

My Aunt's family is pictured (in her home) below...starting from the cousin older little cousin SINAID...MY TIO GRUNON, EFRAIN (my grumpy uncle, Efrain) Aunt GLADYS (my mothers sister) cousin EMMA aka EMITHAX! brother-in-law, ISAIS...and his beautiful wife- my big sister, SCARLETT...

And below are LAS MUJERES SARRIA...the Sarria women...minus my mom and my little sister. Again starting from the Aunt cousin sister Scarlett...and my little cousin Sinaid.

(ISAIS likes attention and felt the need to pop his head in the background of this photo).

I am excited to see all my family of course but I am especially excited to see my big sister. Sometimes people just "click"...well my sister and I, we "click." Because of the problems she has with my mother, we were not able to communicate for the first few years I knew my mother. With my trip fast approaching my mom has given Scarlett my phone number and email address and we have been in constant contact with one another.

My BEAUTIFUL sister is pictured below. I love her VERY much and I miss her every hour of every day.

My sister recently got married :) Below she is pictured on her wedding mom was not invited to my sisters wedding which I feel is rather unfortunate. Luckily my cousins were all there and they took plenty of pictures to send me...I can't wait to meet my sister and brother-in-law!!!!

My mom also has a brother. He has THREE little children...two of them are pictured with my mother below. Starting at cousin mom :)....and my baby cousin RICARDO aka Ricardito (little ricardo in spanish).

I feel a little guilty posting this entry without pictures of ALL my family members but I can't seem to find the disk with pictures of my moms husband, little sister, uncle, Jorge...and his wife, my aunt Maria.
I am also sad to say that I have never seen pictures of two of my younger siblings and I will not meet them when I go to Chile. My brother, Gabriel and my sister, Katy live with their father. My mom has yet to tell me the whole story of their lives BUT she has not seen or spoken to them in years. They are in the custody of their father and are not allowed to have contact with my mother. It is very unfortunate and very sad. My mother struggles with the fact that she does not see or speak to them, and to some extent- I think they have probably struggled as well. Who knows? I just know I have not forgotten about them...they are my siblings and although I do not know them- I think of them, quite often.
I will be back to post those pictures of my other family members as soon as I find them! I also want to share the VERY special story of the VERY special people that are sending me on this stay tuned for that.
That is all for now...I wish you all a good one.

Monday, November 10, 2008

HOPE for Young Mothers...

i posted this on my "facebook" earlier in the has gotten a lot of comments and attention on there so i figured i would post it on here. hope you enjoy it...just a different way of looking at things within this election and how this moment, personally continues to change my life :)

...I don't think I will ever forget all the critism that swarmed my life when I announced my pregnancy to my family and friends. As I stepped into the roll of a "teenage mom," people didn't have many nice things to say.

My own mother disowned me for a 5 month time period. Some of my "best friends" told me I was not equipped to be a parent and stopped being my "friend." My own doctor told me that the baby may do better if he were raised in a more "stable home." Meaning a home without an 18 year old mom like myself. And God love my mother-in-law who never failed to remind me that I was "a baby having a baby." (Now that's despite the fact that SHE was even younger than I when HER first baby debuted into this world). Well, whatever- that's besides the point.

The point is that the scrutiny that surrounds teenage mothers is just disgusting to me...honestly. WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE A MOTHER JUST BECAUSE SHE IS YOUNGER THAN THE "AVERAGE" MOM?

PRESIDENT ELECT BARACK OBAMA WAS BORN TO A "TEENAGE MOTHER." Does anybody have any critism for the way in which she raised her son? She became a mommy to Baby Barack at age 18. Was she not "equipped" to be a parent to her child? Perhaps things were going to be more difficult for her (especially during that time period) but did that mean she COULDN'T do it?

In the public eye, you hear so much about what this election means to everybody. I haven't heard anything about what this election means to the young mothers out there that are told they "can't be good mothers" etc. That's still an issue of the private eye. An issue that many people have not even thought to look at.

So check things out from a different view. You will see even more reason as to why this election is so historic. Pull this quiet issue out into the public. Don't be shy to mention the HOPE Obama brings to teenage mothers around this nation. It doesn't mean promoting high school girls to go out and make babies but reassuring those already in this situation that they CAN be great mothers if they work hard. They CAN love and encourage their children to do whatever they set their minds to.

To my few "teenage mommy" friends...our kids have grown SO much but I have soooo much respect for you guys for making the choices you made, sticking in there and handling business- no matter how difficult it has been.

Shot out to Jamie Lynn Spizzzearsss and Big Bristol Palin...people really need to stop talking so terribly about those girls. They have it hard enough already...leave em alone!

To Barack Obamas Mom...wherever she may be- THANKS for believing in yourself at such a young age. YOUR dream helped to make a dream come true to so many American people.

May the torch of HOPE continue burning for generations to come.


ANDDDD as an addition to this i would like to add a link in which you can read more about Barack Obamas mom...specific details about her life, mistakes she made, things she overcame, and pictures. Just click the link below...


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Te Gusta?

Do you want to FETCH a shirt like this?!?! It reads...
"Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Obama could run. Obama is running so our children can fly."
Pretty freakin' DEEP if I may say so myself but what does everyone else think? If you like this shirt and want to FETCH one...just visit the link below, duhhhh! (They have many variations as well).
OOOOOK....that is all the election stuff I will be posting- I think?!?! I will return to adoption stories one day soon but for now, I am off to relax by watching the WASHINGTON WIZARDS play basketball in overtime!!!!! YIKES!!!! Another VICTORY?!?! Perhaps NOT...oh well! You just cannot win them all :)


WELL, I had taken a break from blogging for a week or be honest sometimes it gets difficult to continue opening yourself up- some days I just want to wrap up the wounds without talking about them or addressing them. I hope any readers I may have can understand this.

With a new 44th President of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- I decided I would come on here and post a few thoughts about how this election has personally changed my life.

All my life I have been considered white because I was adopted by a white family. Although I was occasionally teased in Hebrew school for looking "different", I did not really get discriminated against as a child.

My parents had literally CHANGED my identity when I became their baby and I was viewed as white. My father still argues with me to this VERY day that I AM WHITE.

The ONLY time my parents have really recognized my hispanic background was when I was trying to transfer schools when I was 15 years old. At that point, it all of a sudden became "okay" to refer to me as "latina"...for a BRIEF moment until the transfer was complete.

Now I am a grown up. I am a "big girl and have a voice of my own" as my psychiatrist often tells me. So with that being said, in my adult life I have begun to develop my OWN character and sense of being.

I AM HISPANIC and NOBODY will continue to convince me or TRY to convince me otherwise. I am actually angry with my father for the harsh critisism he continuously throws at my life. Especially the fact that he tells me that "I will always only be seen as white in his eyes" OR the fact that he refers to the first time he met my husband as "look who came to dinner." My husband is black. Perhaps I have yet to mention that. Well whatever. You get the idea?

The point of this story is that last I heard, 69% of the Hispanic vote went to Barack Obama and Hispanics had a HUGE impact on this election. "Look who came our next President" :) Please check the link below for a short article on hispanic voters....

I AM REGISTERED in the State of Maryland as ONE of the Hispanic voters. I am now old enough to register my OWN ethnicity without my father (or mother) speaking for me. It feels SOOOOOO good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My voice is being heard!!!! I LOVED seeing my ethnicity marked as HISPANIC when I casted MY ballot. I LOVE the fact that THAT part of ME got statistically recorded. I sit and cheer at my television when I hear them talk about the overwhelming turn-out of the YOUNG HISPANIC VOTERS!!!!!!!!! I cheer because I AM ONE OF THE YOUNG HISPANIC VOTERS ;) I am screaming "VIVA CHILE" louder and harder then ever before.

I LOVE AMERICA- please do not misunderstand that BUT I will never forget where I came from...

I am PROUD to be a HISPANIC JEWISH AMERICAN and I am so PROUD to have voted in this election.

And finally, I am SO PROUD to post the letter that was given to me in March of 1985...marking my citizenship in this country....


March 2, 1985

Dear Rachel:

As a member of the United States Senate from the State of Maryland, I want to congratulate you on becoming an American citizen. Both of my parents were immigrants to this country and became American citizens so I believe I have an understanding of what your new citizenship means to you.

One of the greatest strengths of this nation is the splendid contribution which has been made by those born in other countries. I am certain you will continue that fine tradition and help to make the United States a better home for all her people.

I hope you will let me know your views from time to time on issues pending before Congress. You have my very best wishes for a happy and rewarding life in the years ahead. With best regards....


Paul S. Sarbanes

United States Senator

This letter has never felt so important to me. Touching it, reading it, talking about it- brings tears of joy to my eyeballs. THANK YOU MOM, for saving it for is a posession I am really happy to have :)

GOD BLESS AMERICA. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU- no matter which way you voted. VIVA CHILE!!!!!!!!!! And to all a FINE NIGHT!!!!

Adios! PEACE! Chaooooo!