Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Philly Demonstration Day!!!

Today is the day that many brave adoptee's, birth mothers and their support systems will be protesting adoptee rights in Philadelphia, PA. I am so proud of all the brave souls that have made the journey to Philly this week!!!

As much as I had hoped to be there, I did not make the trip. I went on our usual family vacation to the beach for 12 days and have had to miss additional work days to attend my doctor appointments for my pregnancy (which is going well- thank God). All my missed days have taken up my paid vacation for the year and considering I will stop working in 5 months, I couldn't afford to miss more work this week and attend. I have been thinking about all those that are there so much...I am there in spirit for sure.

Adoptee rights are VERY important to me. I strongly believe that ALL humans should be granted the same right to their original identity and I find it rather disturbing that adoptees do not have the same rights as those who have remained with their birth families. SO, let's all hope the demonstrators get something accomplished today and during the remainder of the week. GOOD LUCK!!!

PEACE for all...

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Laurel said...

I so agree with you!

How bizarre is it to have two birth certificates? At least here, in my province...I have one OBC with a specific number...and then MY BC, with another number.

Somehow...my parents were mistakenly given a copy of my original birth certificate...and - thankfully! - they kept it.

I wish that all adoptees were given this right.